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We help consultants unclutter their message

We help consultants unclutter their message so that they attract their ideal client, build trust and establish authority


Start with a foundation

Your website is failing to produce leads. That is the real problem. It looks good and functions well, but something is missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

When visitors come to your website, their eyes glaze over. They aren’t sure what you do or what they should do so they click the “Back” button. The content just seems to be cluttered and hard to follow.

As consultants, you help businesses, but sometimes you need help to help you unclutter your message. We do that. We help you unclutter your message and attract your ideal client.

There is a myth that all writing is the same. It is not. Writing for fiction is a vastly different skill set than writing for business.

In fact, I routinely tell consultants that copywriting is not a creative endeavor. That’s not to say that creativity shouldn’t be used. Of course, it should, but you have to start with a foundation.

Putting content first


There are three basic building blocks of copywriting.

The first one is formula. There are a plethora of proven formulas already available. Failing to tap into one of those will leave your copy lacking.

The second building block of copywriting is researching your ideal client. Why research? Because with the right research, you can literally use the words that prospects want you to use and convert them into customers.

This is why most copywriters will not ignore this step. Failing to research is like shooting a fish in a barrel while standing in the dark.

Finally, you need to know your own story. If you are going to connect with your ideal client, you need to know who you are targeting, who you are and how you help.

If you use these three building blocks for your website content, you can vastly improve your copy.

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